Personal brand: Looking for our true selves

Over 200 participants wanted to join my talk on personal branding at the PMI Bulgaria virtual summit 2021. The true reason for the big attendance was not my great presentation skills. It was not the topic either. It was the (hidden) desire of each one of us to look for and connect with our true selves. This desire is extremely strong in the turbulent times that we are living in now.

Being locked down at home, isolated from friends and colleagues, trying to turn down the noise from the external stormy world, we are finally ready to meet ourselves, to get to know our own values, needs and desires. We are longing to connect with our true selves to figure out our purpose in the “new normal”. 

The bridges to the “old world” are destroyed, there is no return. This is our chance now to create our “new world” for our new selves who are self-aware and self-supportive knowing our true value and mission. 

Will our personal brand help us achieve it? Yes, but only the one that is authentic, genuine and real. One that is created from a place of curiosity, positivity and self-love. One that we are creating, practicing and living every day. 

Only this one will help us stay grounded in whatever “normal” comes. Only this one will help us survive… and thrive. 


I am teaching a course, Management of outsourcing projects and companies, at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. I will be launching additional management and personal development workshops in the coming year. Follow my Linkedin profile and Facebook page Global Business Masters for more details. 

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