New Leadership Wanted

We do live in unprecedented times that require new behavior, mindset and… leadership. We need a new model of leadership in any area – politics, business, culture, education, media, etc. – but here I would like to talk about the new business leaders that are very much wanted nowadays to ensure the bright future of the humanity and our planet.

That the leader should be self-aware is broadly admitted and it is still a must, but it is no more enough. The new business leaders should not only care and be aware of their own emotions and needs, but of those of their employees, the community around them and the planet. 

They should be self-aware, but not self-centered. They should be employee-, community- and environment-focused innovators who should have the courage to (sometimes) stand against the mainstream in business. While still having in mind the financial results of the company (at the end of the day, companies need profit to survive and feed their employees), they should always consider the overall life experience and welfare of their employees, the impact their decisions make on the community, especially on the most vulnerable, and the environment. 

The new business leaders have the complex task to set a new agenda, to change the mindset, to install new values, to inspire and demand new behavior and business standards that uphold the highest ethics and moral. They may be the inspiration, the guiding light and the examples that we all need so much nowadays to believe that there is a brighter future in front of us. 

It is the leader that I aim to become. These are the leaders that I aim to educate in my management training programs. Because the decisions that the business leaders make today will define the life, or the lack of it, of the next generations. 


I am teaching a Master course, Management of outsourcing projects and companies, at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. I will be launching additional management workshops in the coming year. For more details, follow my Linkedin profile and Facebook page Global Business Masters:

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