Making dreams come true during pandemic

By Hristina Stoyanova

At the beginning of 2021 I was working as an Operations Manager and a university lecturer trying to get used to a virtual existence and my new routines. Those were mainly bound to activities at home with very little exposure to the external world.

At that time the world was amid a pandemic and life was put on hold waiting for better times. The media were showering us with death statistics and gloomy projections. Keeping ourselves healthy and alive was a priority.

In this environment having the same dreams as before the pandemic was somehow insane. Making those dreams come true – a pure crime.

Yet, like a snowdrop that blooms in the greyness of winter, my soul was striving to flourish. Despite the pandemic.

I got indulged in self-care activities and reminded myself of my passions. Those that made my soul feel joyful and alive, dreamy and inspired.

I reminded myself of my dream to feel quality fabrics, combine beautiful patterns and colors, and design master pieces. What was earlier just a dream became a plan. Despite the pandemic.

I offered to a famous Bulgarian designer, Mira Bachvarova, to collaborate on the creation of a capsule collection inspired by my vision for a feminine and elegant business woman. To my surprise she liked my idea and agreed immediately. Thus, my journey of a co-designer started.

Sketching the designs, hunting for the finest and most beautiful fabrics, refining the items down to the tiniest detail, matching and fitting the elegant creations – it all made my soul to flourish. Despite the pandemic.

The ending of this journey was like borrowed from a Hollywood movie. A professional photo shooting and video recording followed with me being in the role of a model and a movie star.

A year later I am an Operations Manager, a university lecturer, a fashion designer, a model, a speaker and a mentor with the most beautiful desire on earth – to drive people towards their dreams so they can live their most extraordinary personal and professional lives.

Making our dreams come true is vital. Even during a pandemic.

Especially during a pandemic.

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