Working with a life coach – is it worth it?

Working with a coach is very trendy nowadays. It also requires a significant investment of time and money. But is it worth it?

I had my first session with a certified life coach in 2020. I was happy with the result but not amazed. Yet it was only one session. I needed some time to prepare myself, mentally and financially, for the practice of working with a coach on a regular basis. 

In April 2021 I enrolled into my first program, an annual one, with a life coach. A month later I registered for a second program with another life coach. And my transformation journey began. 

I started with the basics – clarifying my vision, values, needs, goals and mission. I continued further on with self-acceptance and self-validation. The process expanded into self-creation and designing my life on purpose, one that is aligned with my values, needs and mission. And this turned out to be the most exciting part of my journey – getting out of my comfort zone, breaking my routines, experimenting, thinking big and taking radical steps. I was no more looking for growth but for a revolution – in my life and the world around me. 

So, is something that gives us self-confidence, courage and determination for changing life for the better worth it? Every second and every cent.