Fashion collaboration Mira Bachvarova x Hristina Stoyanova: Everyone is a star

On the path to self-awareness, self-acceptance and making a dream come true

This is an innovative project proposed by Hristina Stoyanova, an admirer of personalized style, haute couture, and art. She suggested to fashion designer Mira Bachvarova to create together a capsule collection inspired by her vision for a feminine and elegant business woman. 

The project started with discussing Hristina’s style, fitting pieces from Mira’s previous collections, clarifying the new looks and sketching the fashion masterpieces. The work on the capsule collection continued with selection of the finest fabrics and ended with the making and fitting of the elegant creations. A photo shooting and video recording followed with Hristina being in the role of a model and a movie star. 

“I’m Hristina Stoyanova and, being a manager in an IT company, I know how difficult it is for a woman to be herself, to be a woman in her professional life. Over the years, however, I have convinced myself that business needs a balance of masculine and feminine energy to flourish and make a difference in the world. One of my most important sources of feminine energy is my personal style. It excludes suits and features dresses, skirts, lace, silk, prints and leather. Recently, I decided to add a few statement pieces to my wardrobe, hence our fashion collaboration with designer Mira Bachvarova started. Our capsule collection embodies the artistic soul and high professionalism of Mira and my vision for a strong yet feminine business look. Our fashion collaboration proved to be a powerful tool for my self-awareness, self-acceptance and leveling up, elevating me to the next level in all aspects of my life. I hope our project will also help other ladies feel confident and feminine, stand up for themselves and make their dreams come true.”